W3BC Design Service

[G]ood logos or wordmarks can make your QSL, website or club stationery stand out from the crowd. There’s much more to designing an attractive, memorable logo than just Googling “Ham Radio Images” and stealing copying one you like. Trying to make one on your own using “Logo Making” software can be a dead-end, and relying on a high volume printing shop to randomly pick a generic image for you can lead to disappointing results. I remember my Novice days, when I received dozens of QSLs with the same “blue eagle and towers with sparks” card blank printed over by dozens of different red callsigns. (At least they were cheap!)

Club Logos

[T]imes have changed, and in the 21st Century, an active club participates in public events with many other community agencies. A club that serves its community definitely needs to project a professional image. Imagine how your logo would look beside other community agencies, such as the Red Cross, Boy Scouts, EMS, and businesses. Does a crude, jagged sketch or hand-drawn cartoon garner public respect and convey the image your club hopes to present?

The internet has its faults but everyone agrees that it’s a very effective way to present your organization to the public. An attractive, professional logo that can be scaled to the proper screen size without becoming blurred. distorted or “pixelized” is a requirement for putting your best foot forward. If you already have a logo you like, but it is showing its age, or is a copy of a copy of a fax and too small to use, I can move it into the digital age and provide you with a crisp, new original, all cleaned up and showcasing the original design elements in crystal clarity.

I will be happy to help you in your quest for a good image, and I am offering my services as a graphic designer at a special rate for hams and amateur radio clubs. Contact me by email and I will be happy to answer all your questions. Meanwhile, enjoy a few samples of my work.

73! de Joe W3BC

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