Time for Home(page) Improvements

Has now become:

[T]hings change, and the original logo was created way back in September 2004 when I first put this website up. The German hackers wiped that system clean to make room for their “warez” (or worse) in 2009. I was able to save the database for the old website because they hadn’t yet gotten to it by the time I got home from work and discovered their damage.

I created this new website, and finally, I’m getting around to maintaining it. Now I’ll start putting some real content in here.

“What about the old content?” you ask. I still have the old database, and someday I’ll get up the gumption to recover the stories. The pictures are all gone… Well not forever–the originals are still in the archives, and I can rescan them–after I find them, that is.

That’ll take a lot more “gumption…”

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