Net Progress

[S]ince the early days of public Internet access in the 1990s, t1024px-Web_2.0_Map.svghe web experience has been constantly evolving and new innovations have appeared in the mainstream of websites like mushrooms sprouting overnight. New technologies such as AJAX, XML, JSON, user tagging, social media, cloud computing, and mobile devices have been steadily shaping and reshaping the landscape of today’s World-Wide Web. Gone are the days of a hand-coded, never-changing web “page” – it’s now been replaced by interactive, media-driven, social collaboration, engaging users of traditional computers, as well as tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

The Internet of today requires the ability to reformat the web content to fit the needs of the viewing device, and to accept components from a wide variety of disparate sources. Appearce matters more than ever. I remember an early ad for AT&T showing a female office worker viewing an image of Queen Nefertiti with the Mosaic web browser on her office computer. In 1991, that was real wow factor. Not long after that, IBM advertised their middle-ware with an ad parodying youthful web entrepreneurs designing a corporate website with “Flaming Logos.”

[W]hich brings us to this website. I started The W3BC Report back on September 7, 2004 when I successfully applied for the W3BC vanity call. Since that tme, I’ve put a few of my musings about amateur radio into it, but have not spent too much time providing much of quality or general interest. I guess I’m too busy doing new things to sit around and talk about them.

Anyway, I have always tried to keep the presentation of the meager content attractive and modern-looking, and that requires occasional reformatting. Recently I became aware that the theme I’ve been using for the Quad-County Amateur Radio Club website is woefully incapable of meeting the demands of today’s mobile web, and renders tiny type that is unreadable on a smartphone or tablet. And worse yet, it  won’t even display on many mobile devices.

So, here I am, testing various other themes to see which will end up being the engine that drives the future of the websites I maintain. Using WordPress as the core of these websites allows me to change themes with relative ease, unlike our developer friend who can make spinning ad flaming logos but little else. Because of that, don’t be alarmed if this site never looks tesam twice – that is just me, tweaking the visual presentation and perfecting my skills as I continue to learn how to use the Internet!

Happy surfing!

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