FCC New Website Goes Live



I would like to congratulate the FCC on their newly-redesigned Website. It features the contemporary, “responsive” design, which is the latest web technology to ensure that the content (if any) looks just as good on any device, be it widescreen, CRT, smartphone, tablet or paper. In this regard alone it has succeeded – the page shown here carries the same content on all the formats I tested it with!

The craftsmanship that went into the redesign clearly shows the amount of care and respect the FCC has for its website users. Details are everything, and if you look closely, you can see the intricate “web” background behind the FCC logo. I’m sure that whoever designed this page proudly signed his or her name to the back of their paycheck!

[pullexcerpt]The popular and attractive blue-yellow-white color scheme is sure to make you feel right at home as you attempt to find bookmarked information you used to use regularly. As of this writing (December 10, 2015) vital links for Amateur Radio have not yet been reconfigured to the new look, so if you were hoping for a treasure-hunting adventure, you’ll have to wait until they get around to changing those links. But the blue-yellow-white colors will remind you of every other website you’ve visited lately.

I would like to say I’m thrilled at the changes. I want to say the changes were necessary, backward-compatible and well-thought-out. I really want to, but sadly, I can’t!

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