Adventures In Nerdland

[A]s webmaster of the Quad-County ARC website, I’ve been trying to track down the cause of problems that users of tablets and smartphones have been experiencing with that site. It appears the problem is in the “theme” that controls the way WordPress  presents each page. Changing themes gives a completely different look with the press of a button. As it

responsive-smashious-21turns out, there is new type of theme required to format content properly for mobile devices – “Responsive” themes are the ones that are needed for this task.

Sure, I could just download some new themes and test them live on but that could cause big problems for all users during the testing phase. Instead, I decided to make my mistakes during my learning curve on my own personal website, since it’s not as critical to as many people. So far, i’ve tested a couple themes that show a lot of promise, and one in particular that breathes new life into every page it displays.

It is nice to be able to switch between themes on the fly and see the differences. Its even nicer to be able to test a new theme and if it doesn’t work out, go back to what we had before without losing anything or having to spend hours of hard work. Stop by the site and see what you think.

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