2015 PA QSO Party Begins Saturday at Noon

PAQSOheaderFire up the HF rigs, and tune your antennas! It’s time once again for the biggest little contest on the air, the 2015 running of the Pennsylvania QSO Party. This is the granddaddy of them all — the biggest and most popular QSO party on the air. Now in its 58th year, the PAQP draws thousands of hams from all over the country — and the world — to work all those rare counties (some that have no resident hams active on HF) and maybe win a “Clean Sweep” of all 67!

This year, I’ll be manning the Club Station and using the N3Q special event callsign in celebration of the Quad-County Amateur Radio Club’s 40th anniversary. I had planned on this being a multi-station affair, largemapwith a station on the air from each of our very rare counties using the club callsign, but after asking many times for operators, it looks like it’s just gonna be lil ole me.

That’s OK, I have the Pro III and the I-2KL all warmed up and just got done greasing up the keyer paddles for the frey of high-speed Morse transmissions. If you are a club member, please keep and submit your log, and be sure to indicate that your club is “QCARC” or “Quad-County ARC”!

Have fun and IMG_2676[1]see you on the air!

UPDATE: Only two counties to go!

UPDATE 2, Sunday 2:24: Worked Cameron Co, now I amat my usual “1-county short of a clean sweep” that I have had so very many times over the past 50 years of hamming!

I guess I’ll just stick to running a frequency. Check out the bandscope of a run. I can really clear a frequency for myself with my “kilowatt mouth!” See? Sometimes being annoying is an advantage!IMG_2677[1]

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